I Madonnari 2014 – Santa Barbara Street Painting Festival

2014_thumbAnother year, another festival! The 28th, to be exact. Such a fun event, held at the Santa Barbara Mission – and it benefits the Children’s Creative Project, which brings arts education programs (visual and performing) to schools throughout the area. Artists create street paintings in squares that are sponsored by local businesses and organizations, with sizes ranging from 6×4 up to 12×12 feet. The featured artist creates a painting at the base of the Mission steps (12×16′). And of course there is food, music and an area reserved for children’s street paintings.

This year I created a hummingbird and flower scene – similar to last year’s painting, with a new cast. It’s an homage to Martin Johnson Heade (whose 19th-century paintings featured hummingbirds and orchids in tropical settings), with a Santa Barbara twist. My bird this year is an Anna’s hummingbird, flying up to a Pride of Madeira flower (aka echium). I took the photos of the flowers in our neighborhood, and the background view of the ocean and sky was from a photo taken on one of my walks, toward the end of our street. The purple flowers were fairly detailed and I spent most of the three days painting them. Here are some photos showing the process of making the 12×12′ painting, plus a few others I took during the festival.

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