Santa Barbara Street Painting Festival 2017

This year was the 31st anniversary of the I Madonnari Santa Barbara Street Painting Festival, and I have been participating almost since the beginning (!). It’s hard to believe, actually. Many of my street painting friends have also been showing up year after year, every Memorial Day weekend, to create paintings on pavement in chalk in front of the beautiful Santa Barbara Mission. Out on the lawn, festival goers enjoy live music, food, and drinks. Hanging out with artist friends is one of my favorite parts, as is creating a vibrant scene on asphalt that will linger for a few weeks and then fade away. Here are some pics of my hummingbird and cactus flower (12×12′), and I am thankful to Wayne Kimbell for taking the amazing photo of an Anna’s humming bird that I used as a reference.

Above: The finished painting on day three of the festival

In progress…

Working on my bird, under the umbrella

The final piece, adjusted for perspective (it’s difficult to get a photo directly overhead, so the image is slightly tweaked to compensate for the angle of the camera lens)

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