2020 Street Painting Festival

The I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara was cancelled this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic…then it was announced that the festival would be held after all – ONLINE! Artists were invited to participate by creating chalk paintings in their driveways and posting photos of the paintings as they progressed each day throughout Memorial Day weekend – May 23, 24, and 25. The fist-ever online street painting festival was a success! Many beautiful paintings were created in SB and elsewhere, and were enjoyed online and also in person by those strolling by in the neighborhoods where they were created. Social-distance viewing was allowed. 🙂 We all missed seeing each other at the festival, along everything else (food, music, dancing, etc.), but having a virtual festival was better than not having one at all. Check out photos of all the paintings online.

My painting of Matilija poppies with an ocean background and a hummingbird is based on a photo I took a couple weeks prior on a bike ride in Santa Barbara. The hummingbird is from a photo by a friend (thank you, Wayne!).

Our cat Dusty checking out the scene in the driveway. Street painting with cats, yay!

2019 Street Painting Festival

The painting for this year’s festival was a collaborative effort with my street painter friend Jessie Altstatt – we have worked together on a number of street paintings, including the festival’s featured square in 2009. Jessie created the beautiful composition from her photos of birds and plants that she took in Costa Rica. It was a fun year, and painting birds never gets old! 

The photo above was taken by Sharyn Chan (thank you, Sharyn!).


100 Grand Show 2018

The annual 100 Grand Show at Sullivan Goss Gallery is a group show that features approximately 100 artists working in various mediums, with all works priced at $1,000 or less. It’s a fun and eclectic exhibit that runs from early December through January. This year, my painting depicted a magnificent sunset illuminating a succulent bloom in our neighbor’s driveway. I titled it “Light at the end of the street,” and someone bought it at the opening reception or maybe before…I’m glad it found a home and hope they are enjoying it!

100 Grand Show 2017

It was wonderful to participate once again in the annual 100 Grand Show at Sullivan Goss Gallery. The group show features approximately 100 artists working in various mediums, with all works priced at $1,000 or less. It’s a fun and eclectic exhibit that runs from early December through January. This year’s show unfortunately coincided with the start of the Thomas fire, which turned out to be the largest wildfire in modern California history. It turned many people’s lives upside down, and has been hard on local businesses as well.

The first reception for the show took place a few days after the fire started, and the air was very smoky. My husband wore a pink bandana and won a giant Hershey’s kiss for having the “most creative face mask.” This was before thousands of face masks were distributed throughout town in the coming days (which weren’t nearly as creative, but definitely more effective). A pretty good crowd showed up nonetheless, and it was nice to see friends during a stressful time. A second reception was held in January.

“Aloe” (11 x 14″) 🙂


Edible Santa Barbara magazine cover

The cover of the summer 2017 issue of Edible Santa Barbara features my painting of peaches growing at Buttonwood Farm Winery & Vineyard in Santa Ynez. I wrote an article for the issue about Buttonwood’s organic peach orchard, and was fortunate to get a tour while interviewing orchard manager Fred Munch about his 20+ years tending to the trees. You can pick up an issue this summer at many locations throughout Santa Barbara County, or read it online. Enjoy!


Santa Barbara Street Painting Festival 2017

This year was the 31st anniversary of the I Madonnari Santa Barbara Street Painting Festival, and I have been participating almost since the beginning (!). It’s hard to believe, actually. Many of my street painting friends have also been showing up year after year, every Memorial Day weekend, to create paintings on pavement in chalk in front of the beautiful Santa Barbara Mission. Out on the lawn, festival goers enjoy live music, food, and drinks. Hanging out with artist friends is one of my favorite parts, as is creating a vibrant scene on asphalt that will linger for a few weeks and then fade away. Here are some pics of my hummingbird and cactus flower (12×12′), and I am thankful to Wayne Kimbell for taking the amazing photo of an Anna’s humming bird that I used as a reference.

Above: The finished painting on day three of the festival

In progress…

Working on my bird, under the umbrella

The final piece, adjusted for perspective (it’s difficult to get a photo directly overhead, so the image is slightly tweaked to compensate for the angle of the camera lens)

100 Grand Show

The annual 100 Grand show at Sullivan Goss gallery in Santa Barbara (100 works of art for $1,000 or less) is a fun, eclectic group exhibit that takes place in December and January. For the first time, I entered and had a piece in the show – a painting of a cactus flower, 12 x 12″, acrylic on panel. A lot of people came out for the opening reception (I don’t know how many, exactly…but a lot). Quite a few artist friends were also in the show, so it was a fun time. Plus, I bought a painting of a beautiful cow named Theodore, by my friend Susan Shapiro. I love it!

Here are a few photos…enjoy!


The show, ready for opening night…

Opening reception – December 1, 2016

Cactus flower – 12 x 12″

Theodore, by Susan Shapiro
Theodore, by Susan Shapiro

I Madonnari Street Painting Festival

It’s the 30th anniversary of the festival, and six of us – veteran street painters and friends – are working together on a 24 x 30′ street painting featuring endangered species throughout the world. Six paintings of different continents will be tied together with an organic branching framework. If you’re in Santa Barbara, come on down to the Mission to check out the festival – it continues through Monday!


Tiger in the works…day one.

Sharyn working on her European endangered species painting

Photo from the ladder…painting is almost finished!

My final painting of Asian endangered species – the photo has been adjusted so that the perspective is straight-on, not viewed at an angle
My final painting of Asian endangered species – the photo has been adjusted so that the perspective is straight-on, not viewed at an angle

The entire 24 x 36' painting, photographed the day after the festival
The entire 24 x 36′ painting by our “six pack,” photographed the day after the festival – endangered species in Europe, South America & Antarctica, Asia, Australia, N. America and Africa


T-shirts and aprons! 🙂



New Painting ~ Three Palms

This new painting is a commissioned work, and was very fun to do. No matter how much time you spend living around palm trees (your whole life, say), they never stop being amazing.

Three Palms (30 x 30″)


Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital Paintings

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital is offering grand opening tours on August 15! I’m looking forward to seeing the new building and all of the artwork. Four of my paintings will be there. If you’re interested in a tour, click the image below for more information.