Street Paintings

For many years Jennifer has participated as an invited artist in the annual I Madonnari Street Painting Festival. Held every Memorial Day weekend at the Santa Barbara Mission, the festival benefits the Children’s Creative Project, a division of the Santa Barbara County Education Office that brings visual and performing arts programs to the schools. In 2009, she was the featured artist, and with the help of her friend Jessie Altstatt created the 12Γ—16-foot street painting (below, left) depicting an underwater ocean scene in the Santa Barbara Channel, featured on posters, shirts, greeting cards and other merchandise sold at the festival. The 12×12 street painting on the right was created at the festival in 2017.

The street painting below (12×12′) is a reproduction of Raphael’s St. Catherine of Alexandria, created at the 2010 festival, followed by a video showing highlights of the painting process during the three-day festival.



Jennifer LeMay – 2010 I Madonnari Street Painting Festival – Santa Barbara from David L Cowan on Vimeo.


2020 Street Painting Festival

The I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara was cancelled this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic…then it was announced that the festival would be held after all – ONLINE! Artists were invited to participate by creating chalk paintings in their driveways and posting photos of the paintings as they progressed each day throughout Memorial Day weekend – May 23, 24, and 25. The fist-ever online street painting festival was a success! Many beautiful paintings were created in SB and elsewhere, and were enjoyed online and also in person by those strolling by in the neighborhoods where they were created. Social distance viewing was allowed. πŸ™‚ We all missed seeing each other at the festival, along everything else (food, music, dancing, etc.), but having a virtual festival was better than not having one at all. Check out photos of all the paintings online.

My painting of Matilija poppies with an ocean background and a hummingbird is based on a photo I took a couple weeks prior on a bike ride in Santa Barbara. The hummingbird is from a photo by a friend (thank you, Wayne!).

Our cat Dusty checking out the scene in the driveway. Street painting with cats, yay!

2019 Street Painting Festival

The painting for this year’s festival was a collaborative effort with my street painter friend Jessie Altstatt – we have worked together on a few street paintings, including the festival’s featured square in 2009. Jessie created the composition from photos of birds and plants that she took in Costa Rica.

The photo above was taken by Sharyn Chan (thank you, Sharyn!).


2017 Street Painting Festival

This year’s painting featured a close-up of an Anna’s hummingbird, based on a photo by my friend Wayne Kimbell, with a cactus flower based on a personal photo. The painting was 12×12′ and you can see more photos in this blog post

The final piece on day 3 of I Madonnari

2016 Street Painting Festival

2016 was the 30th anniversary of the I Madonnari Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara!!!

Six of us – veteran street painters and friends – worked together on a 24 x 30β€² street painting featuring endangered species throughout the world. Composed of six paintings depicting species in different continents were tied together with an organic branching framework. Read more and view more pics in this blog post

Tiger in the works….day one.


The final painting of Asian endangered species – the photo has been adjusted so that the perspective is straight-on, not viewed at an angle.


Entire 24 x 36′ painting, photographed the day after the festival

2015 Street Painting Festival

The 2015 I Madonnari Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara was fun, as always! Read more in this blog post. Here are a few photos of the painting this year, based on a photo taken at Shoreline Park of an aloe cactus plant in bloom, visited by a hummingbird.



2014 Street Painting Festival

Check out the blog section for more info about the 2014 Santa Barbara Street Painting festival – “Hummingbird and Pride of Madeira.”
(12′ x 12′) Here are a few photos:



As the Featured Artist for the 2009 I Madonnari Street Painting Festival, Jennifer painted Sea Life in the Santa Barbara Channel (16 x 12 feet, pastel on pavement) with assistance from Jessie Altstatt. The painting was printed on posters, t-shirts and greeting cards, which are sold at subsequent festivals to benefit the Children’s Creative Project.


Street paintings from previous festivals